Here’s the 12-slide presentation that convinced Oak HC/FT and Tiger to bet on a virtual-reality startup to train surgeons

  • Osso VR creates virtual-reality surgeries to train physicians.
  • Oak HC/FT, Tiger Global, and other VCs backed the startup in its $66 million Series C in March.
  • Medical-device companies like Johnson & Johnson use Osso VR to teach surgeons to use their products.

Dr. Justin Barad had dreamed of being a video-game developer since he was little.

So after getting his medical degree, when he first tried virtual-reality technology for himself, he had a revelation.

“I immediately was like, I could train people to do surgery with this,” he said.

In 2016, Barad cofounded Osso VR, a platform that lets surgeons practice procedures in a virtual operating room without ever touching a patient.

The San Francisco startup landed a $66 million Series C funding round in March led by Oak HC/FT, with participation from Tiger Global Management, GSR Ventures, SignalFire, and Kaiser Permanente Ventures. The round brought Osso VR’s total funding to $109 million.

Osso VR works with medical-device companies and residency programs to train physicians in new and old surgical techniques.

Besides giving the physician a hands-on learning experience, the platform tracks how well the provider completes the procedure, providing a more objective assessment than surgeons typically get, Barad said.

Osso VR even uses the virtual-reality tech internally both for work and for team building, Barad said.

He said he wants to “make healthcare technology more fun.”

“It doesn’t have to be so serious and so stale,” he said. “Even though the work is quite serious, helping people is pretty fun.”

Osso VR shared with Insider the presentation it used to bank $66 million in March. The slides were edited before Insider’s review to remove details about the startup’s financials, a company spokesperson said.

Here’s the 12-slide presentation Osso VR used to raise $66 million in Series C funding led by Oak HC/FT

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