Google Fiber Expansion Back On, Gigabit Internet Coming to 5 New States

Looking for super-fast internet? Starlink may not be your only option in the US, as Google Fiber is restarting its push into new terrorities.

Google Fiber’s gigabit internet is coming to five US states—Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska, Nevada, and Idaho—which “will be the main focus for our growth for the next several years, along with continued expansion in our current metro areas,” says Google Fiber CEO Dinni Jain.

The announcement represents the biggest expansion for Google Fiber since 2016, when it went through a restructuring that resulted in layoffs and a temporary halt to further rollouts.

In an interview(Opens in a new window) with Reuters, Jain said Google Fiber is now ready to “add a little bit more build velocity.” The company is targeting the five states, citing them as places where speeds lag.

Where Google Fiber and Webpass are currently available. (Credit: Google)

In a blog post(Opens in a new window), Jain adds that Google Fiber has spent the last several years focused on building out its fiber network in existing service areas—12 US cities—while expanding into Iowa. However, the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing push to work from home has underscored the need for high-speed reliable internet in the US, he says.

“As communities across the country look to expand access to gigabit internet, I’m happy to say that we’re ready to grow alongside them,” he says. “Our team has spent many months traveling across the country, having conversations with cities looking for the best way to get better internet to their residents and business owners as quickly as possible.”

The company plans on sharing more details about the cities that will get Google Fiber. But last month, the company mentioned(Opens in a new window) it’s working to bring the gigabit access to Mesa, Arizona. The plan is to begin building the fiber networks in the local area early next year. In addition, Google Fiber officials have reportedly(Opens in a new window) been working to expand access in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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Google Fiber(Opens in a new window) Currently offers 1 gigabit and 2 gigabit speeds to subscribers for $70 and $100 per month, respectively. The company also offers gigabit internet through its Webpass service, which is available in seven additional cities, including Chicago, San Francisco, and Seattle.

In its heyday, Google Fiber was the ISP to beat; it topped our Fastest ISPs awards in 2016 and 2017, but has lagged in recent years. This year, it landed in eighth place overall, thought it fares better in some regional head-to-head comparisons. In our Readers’ Choice survey, Google Fiber was a two-time winner, but failed to garner enough responses to make the 2022 results.

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