Experience the Iowa State Fair through augmented reality

DES MOINES, Iowa – There’s a new way to experience the Iowa State Fair this year, through augmented reality.

Zirous, a West Des Moines technology firm, designed an app called “Blue Ribbon Rescue.”

The concept is similar to Pokémon GO. The goal is to collect as many blue ribbons throughout two of the thrill parks, Thrill Ville and Thrill Town. If you collect enough, you can be entered to win prizes.

Developers of the app hope this brings something unique to the summertime tradition.

“Obviously, the fair itself is a lot of fun and this just enhances the experience of being able to walk around being able to see things from the fair,” Luke McDermott, senior application developer with Zirous, said. “And then you get to experience all the fun things that like make Iowa what it is like pigs, a cup of cookies, lemonade, and Fairfield.”

Every day of the fair, one person will win an Oculus Quest II virtual reality headset.

You can download the “Blue Ribbon Rescue” app for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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