Drake’s new hairdo looks like it came straight out of a 1970s mafia movie and fans let him know all about it

Listen. Drake has certainly done some questionable things with his appearance before. We can’t act like he hasn’t.

I mean, the dude cut a heart into his shapeup for the sake of an album rollout. He also got Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant’s numbers tattooed on his arms, which is fine, I guess, because they’re friends. But also still kind of weird and definitely a questionable decision.

But this? Slicked back mullet? This is definitely a new one.

That’s right. The Boy popped out here looking like Billy Dee Williams’ Lando Calrissian — Star Wars fans, you’ll get that reference. It’s very fitting that he took this picture at a casino. He definitely belongs there with this hair.

Mans is out here wylin. Bro went to the barbershop and said “give me the Kenrich Williams. He looks like he played in Scorsese’s Casino.

The internet is rightfully roasting this man for this. Because what else are we supposed to do? The jokes are flying.

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