“Didn’t Happen Of The Year Awards”: 30 Cringe And Embarrassing Lies Spotted On The Internet (New Pics)

My child is so smart. She’s only 7 months old, and she is already learning her second language!”

Every time I go to the grocery store, the cashier gives me something for free! They tell me that I’m too pretty to pay for my food, and I always end up getting a huge discount!”

“A person cut me off in traffic, so I called the police and watched them pull up behind them and arrest them! That’ll teach people not to mess with me!”

We’ve all seen this type of story floating around the internet, primarily on Twitter and Facebook. And while it can be fun to exaggerate details for dramatic effect, people who tell tales that are outright untrue are just begging to be called out. To celebrate all of the liars online, the Didn’t Happen of the Year Awards Twitter account was born. This page compiles the most absurd and ridiculous stories that people attempt to pass off as experiences they have lived and gives the actors awards for their spectacular performances and imaginations.

Below, you’ll find some of our favorite posts from the account featuring truly Oscar-worthy writing and dialogue, as well as an interview with Martin Johnson, co-host of the podcast Secrets, which explores why we are so prone to lying. Be sure to upvote the tales you think belong on the big screen, and then if you haven’t had enough of these outlandish stories, you can check out Bored Panda‘s last article featuring the same Twitter account right here.

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