Dark Fantasy VR Title ‘EVERSLAUGHT Invasion’ Announced for Meta Quest 2 [Trailer]

Summer is sadly drawing to an end, but GOG are looking to extend it just a little longer with their aptly-named The GOG Sale. And, as part of that sale, GOG has made The Brotherhood’s 2015 sci-fi horror game Stasis available to grab for free for the next 72 hours.

You know how it goes: sign up for free at GOG, go to the giveaway, add Stasis to your library, and enjoy. In addition, The GOG Sale has titles heavily discounted (up to 90% off), with flash deals going on until September 5th. New titles are also expected to join the service during the sale, so keep an eye out for those if you’re into DRM-free games.

If you’ve never played Stasis (read our review from way back when), think of it as a mix between Event Horizon and the classic point-and-click psychological horror title, Sanitarium. This isometric point-and-click, sci-fi horror title takes place in the distant future aboard the spacecraft Groomlake. John Maracheck awakens from stasis in agony, with corpses littering the Groomlake. With his wife and daughter missing, and the Groomlake threatening to crash onto the surface of Neptune, he must unravel what happened, find his family, and escape.

Stasis is also available via Steam, and saw a sequel released in 2017 called CAYNE.

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