Creep could be caged for owning internet-enabled mobile

A notorious sex offender could face jail after being charged with breaching the terms of a court order put in place to protect the public from him.

abriel Quigg appeared in Belfast Magistrates Court accused of breaking the terms of a Sexual Offences Prevention Order (Sopo) that bans him from having a phone with internet access. This is over fears the predator will use the device to contact young girls — something he is banned from doing.

Quigg, who is also charged with breaching his Sopo by deleting the mobile’s internet history, will be back in court on August 31.

Originally from Dungiven, he has been living in supervised accommodation on Belfast’s Ormeau Road for the past decade.

This is because it is too dangerous for him to return to the town where he faced serious sexual abuse accusations 20 years ago and was known as ‘creepy quigg’.

The hated 53-year-old has previous form for breaking the Sopo which prevents him from having any contact with girls aged under 18 and from starting relationships with females without first informing the authorities.

He is also banned from going within 20 meters of a child-centred location and from being alone in a car with a female without prior approval from his probation officer.

Sources familiar with the case described Quigg as being “difficult to manage” and at times “deceitful”.

This is a view backed up by Judge Gordon Kerr who, during one of the pervert’s previous court appearances, told him: “The purpose of a Sopo is to protect the public from you because you cannot control yourself.”

Quigg’s previous Sopo breaches include giving a teenage girl £20 and promising to read her palm, and then kissing her stunned mother, who phoned the police.

He had shown up unannounced at their north Belfast home earlier that day and offered to mow the lawn for cash. When the woman tried to pay him, he insisted on her cooking dinner for him instead, before trying to kiss her.

Quigg was in trouble again soon after for starting a relationship with the middle-aged mother of a teenage girl who had no clue about his past.

He was seeing her for three months, even staying over at her home in Coleraine’s Ballysall estate before being rumbled by police.

When told about his sex convictions, Quigg’s horrified girlfriend gave him his marching orders and warned him never to contact her again. He was later jailed for six months at Antrim Crown Court for breaking his Sopo.

Quigg was back in the dock a short time later to be caged for eight months for yet another breach of the order. This time he contacted a schoolgirl without prior permission.

“Quigg would be out and about the Ormeau Road a lot and to most people he seems like a normal middle-aged man,” added our source.

“He looks very inoffensive and you wouldn’t think he is a danger to young girls, and someone who has been sent to prison twice for breaking a Sopo.”

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