City-owned smart tech coming to public areas in Farmington, Hills

In a few years’ time, Farmington and Farmington Hills will start looking more like cities of the future.

The newest perk from an ongoing partnership between the two cities to create a fiber optic internet network is new infrastructure for smart technology. Access points around both cities will allow officials to install things like smart signage, smart lighting, kiosks and internet hotspots at key locations.

“It’s going to provide opportunities to make the city smarter and take advantage of technology in ways we haven’t been able to before,” Kelly Monico, Farmington Hills director of central services, said.

Farmington Hills recently approved a lease agreement with SiFi Networks, the company that will build and operate the fiberoptic network, to house infrastructure huts on city property. Instead of paying a lease fee, SiFi offered the 188 access points for free.

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