BLINNK & The Vacuum Of Space Is Coming Tp VR This Fall


Scotland-based VR developer and publisher Changingday revealed their new game BLINNK & The Vacuum Of Space is coming out this fall. This is a bit of an interesting game as it was created and designed specifically for autistic players to jump into, as it will allow them to play the game at their own pace, while also providing support through experiences they have on a daily basis. So on the surface, you’re getting a goofy game about sandwich-creating creatures who have escaped as you now need to chase them down, but within the game, you’re getting a valuable teaching tool. You can read more about it, along with a quote from the team here.

Promo art for BLINNK & The Vacuum Of Spacecourtesy of Changingday.

It’s the first day of your new job with Norp Corp and the CEO, Mister Norp, demands only one thing – the greatest sandwich in the galaxy. But before you can create it, your robot companion Blinnk accidentally releases the mischievous Groobs.​ Now it’s up to you to help him track them down and hoover them up with your trusty Vacuumizer 5000 – before they cause chaos throughout the Norpopolis space station. The debut game from Changingday presents a range of everyday scenarios designed to support and challenge the player, putting them in control of their virtual world without fear of a fail state or a game over screen.

“There are very few games designed for autistic people and yet we know that autistic people play more video games than neurotypical people. The immersive quality of VR in particular puts them in control of the digital world around them, allowing them to play as themselves, at their own pace. The support and confidence this gives can help them to cope better in the real world. Alison Lang, CEO at Changingday. “As parents of an autistic child, we aim to create a game that autistic people will enjoy playing and that will help them in their everyday lives.”

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