AMS-IX, irix launch new internet exchange in Borneo

AMX-IX and PP Telecom launched irix to develop a new internet exchange (IX) intended to function as a connectivity enabler for the Borneo region. irix will offer multiple services, including submarine and terrestrial cable networks, a Tier IV data center in Kushing, a new IX, IP transit, dedicated internet access and international private line circuit to help link Sarawak, a Malaysian state within Borneo, to the world .

The IX, set to go live later this year, promises lower peering costs and less expansive internet for the region. It will serve as a neutral connectivity hub for large content delivery networks, application providers, ISPs, and carriers, with submarine cable routes to Singapore and, eventually, to Hong Kong. The IX is based on IX-as-a-service technology that boasts pre-patched hardware equipment, software, and wiring that is scaled to the customer needs and shipped for setup by local engineers.

“The metaverse of technology, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality that was once talked about as fantasy is now reality,” says Dr. Jonathan Smith, CEO of irix. “Irix will play a big role in helping Sarawakians and Borneo keep in step with the world.”

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