Amber Heard-Johnny Depp’s defamation case: Unsealed documents breaking the internet

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s legal battle is not going to slow down even month after the defamation verdict.

Depp’s team of lawyers attempted to discredit Amber Heard and her claims of abuse during the trial. One of the ways this was done was by questioning the validity of photos the Aquaman actress took of her face while bruised, claiming it was actually done through makeup and/or editing.

But the tables are turning thanks to unsealed documents examined by The Daily Beast (via Insider) that claim that the Pirates of the Caribbean star might have edited images of himself that were submitted into evidence.

The crux of this argument is related to discrepancies in dates on photos that Johnny Depp’s lawyers of the actor following an alleged altercation with Amber Heard.

The issue is that the image’s creation date was 2019, while it was supposed to be from back in 2015.

According to the documents, another image didn’t have a creation date, but was edited in 2020. As such, Heard’s team claimed that these images were tampered with—which is exactly what she was accused of. As the lawyers alleged in the previously sealed documents.

But the allegations from Amber Heard’s attorneys in these new docs don’t stop there. The lawyers requested that they be given any recordings that Depp had of his ex-wife. They claim that said audio has also been edited by Johnny Depp and his team.

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