AKULAR has just announced the release of AKULAR TWIN, a lightweight mobile application built upon Bentley Systems iTwin platform.

AKULAR has just announced the release of its AKULAR TWIN, a lightweight mobile application built upon Bentley Systems iTwin platform.


The app enables users to upload a BIM (building information management) model during construction or have an accurate BIM model created from the layout of an existing building.

Screen capture: AKULAR TWIN helping users detects collisions and check the clearance between geometric elements.

It means that everyone from construction workers to facility managers can compare updated versions of the same model, detect data, or create and track issues. AKULAR TWIN provides a real-world overlay through augmented reality by walking through it in virtual reality or simply pinch/zooming in 3D on a phone or tablet. AKULAR TWIN immediately synchronizes all changes back to the cloud-based platform in real-time.

Powered by iTwin

The AKULAR TWIN app meets the criteria needed to achieve the “Powered by iTwin” designation. This means that the app meets the same standards as Bentley’s own Powered by iTwin applications. AKULAR CEO, Martin Rapos explains:

“Achieving Bentley’s ‘Powered by iTwin’ designation is a massive step forward for AKULAR. For so long now, the real estate and construction sectors have been stuck using last-century technologies when all other industries are moving forward quickly. Digital twin applications could start saving investors huge amounts of immediately time, money, and materials and make their ESG commitments more achievable. They also provide instant transparency to all stakeholders, which benefits everyone.”

AKULAR TWIN adds to the growing ecosystem of developers building digital twin models using on Bentley’s iTwin platform. AKULAR TWIN also shows how digital twin technology can increase the performance of buildings by visualizing building data in augmented and virtual reality.


AKULAR is based in McLean, Virginia, in the United States. Since its incorporation in 2018, it has been developing a global cloud-based 3D visualization platform. It has hosted more than 7,000 three-dimensional models from 4,000 accounts. It was originally an augmented reality application for building designers and architects. However, AKULAR has now evolved into a 3D optimization and visualization platform, supporting large construction projects. Its AKULAR TWIN also provides detailed digital twins for critical infrastructure.

AKULAR enables real estate owners to monitor, benchmark, and improve building performance. It does so by providing a platform for construction data to be merged with in-use operational data. For more information, please click here.

About Bentley Systems iTwin

Bentley’s iTwin platform is an open, scalable cloud-based platform. It provides APIs (application programming interfaces) and services to help developers create digital twin applications. The platform takes care of back-end concerns such as data integration, infrastructure, and security. Consequentially, developers can concentrate on building their applications and bringing them to market more quickly. For more information, please click here.

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