After years of ‘development hell’, the Half-Life 2 VR mod is finally getting a public beta

After five years of work and its own period of “development hell”, the long-anticipated Half-Life 2: VR (opens in new tab) mod will finally enter public beta this September. Created by a group called the Source VR Mod Team, it’s a VR implementation of Half-Life 2 in the style of Half-Life: Alyx, letting you go toe-to-toe with the masked thugs of an alien police state as if you were really there. Good luck with those incredibly long vehicle sections, motion sickness sufferers.

The nature of a trailer is that you’re only going to see the choicest cuts, but it looks surprisingly good for a project that was once “all but abandoned” (opens in new tab)“, in the team’s own words. If I didn’t know better, I’d say I was looking at an official VR version of the Valve classic. Maybe it’s smoke and mirrors, but the modders say that they were inspired to enter public beta by the “overwhelmingly positive” feedback they got in private testing, which convinced them the game was finally playable “from start to finish” in its VR-ified version.

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