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Photo courtesy of Vortex VR Arcade

When was the last time you planned a visit to Niagara Falls? As of recently, this region has seen some major expansion and we’re here to tell you about it. From entertainment venues to restaurants and bars, Niagara Falls is starting to see the glow up we’ve always hoped for. If Niagara Falls has fallen off your radar, here’s 8 new openings that should put it back on your list of places to visit asap!

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Restaurants & Bars

Judas Tree / Photo courtesy of Judas tree
Judas Tree / Photo courtesy of Judas Tree

1. Judas Tree Cocktail Bar

1507 Pine Ave Niagara Falls, NY 14301 / More Info

Judas Tree is a new cocktail bar with a focus on local ingredients. Here you’ll find a modern parlor-like bar with signature cocktails as well as beers, wines and seltzers sourced from New York and Italy. Complementing the drinks are small plates including cheeses, topped crostinis, focaccia and cured or pickled bar snacks. Read more about their opening here.

Ghada Have It! / Photo courtesy of Ghada Have It!

2. Ghada Have It!

2117 Military Road Niagara Falls, NY 14304 / More Info

Ghada Have It! is serving up the ultimate comfort food. Here, Mediterranean meets American with fusions on typical dishes. On the menu you’ll find classics from both cultures including falafel, baba ghannoj, pizza and wings, as well as more unique menu items like gyro logs and Greek nachos. Read more about their opening here.


Cataract House Restaurant / Photo courtesy of Old Falls Street USA

3. Cataract House Restaurant

310 Rainbow Blvd Niagara Falls NY 14303 / More Info

The Cataract House carries a lot of history within the Niagara Falls region due to its significant role in helping freedom seekers find their way to Canada as part of the Underground Railroad. Now open as a restaurant run under FBITES (an organization that teaches important life skills through cooking classes), the new Cataract House connects visitors to the Niagara Falls Underground Railroad Heritage Center, where they can learn more about the history. As far as cuisine goes, the Cataract House digs into southern roots offering classic soul food dishes.

Torrent Bar & Restaurant / Photo courtesy of Torrent Bar & Restaurant

4. Torrent Bar & Restaurant

300 Third Street Niagara Falls NY 14303 / More Info

Located within the Sheraton, Niagara Falls, Torrent is a new bar and restaurant offering seasonal drinks and dishes. Presenting house-made, scratch kitchen recipes, in a casual yet inviting setting, Torrent’s menu consists of flatbreads, pastas, salads, entrees and desserts as well as a wide variety of hand-crafted cocktails and specialty drinks.

Sēvā – Tapas Bar & Restaurant / Photo courtesy of Sēvā – Tapas Bar & Restaurant

5. Sēvā – Tapas Bar & Restaurant

200 Rainbow Boulevard Niagara Falls NY 14303 / More Info

Sēvā is a new tapas bar and restaurant within The Cadence –a newly renovated hotel within minutes of Niagara Falls State Park. Here you’ll find a variety of small plates including charcuterie platters and oysters as well as a full bar with signature cocktails, beer, and wine.

Attractions & Entertainment

Vortex VR Arcade / Photo courtesy of Vortex VR Arcade

6. Vortex VR Arcade

360 Rainbow Blvd Niagara Falls NY 14303 / More Info

Vortex VR Arcade is a new center for all things entertainment. Attractions include an arcade where you can play games and redeem prizes as well as OWatch, Dark Ride, and Omni Arena virtual experiences.

The Tunnel / Photo courtesy of Niagara Falls Ontario Tourism

7. The Tunnel – Niagara Parks Power Station (Canada)

7005 Niagara Parkway, Niagara Falls, ON L2E 6T2 / Website

The Tunnel may be on the Canadian side but it’s still considered Niagara Falls so we’re sliding it into this roundup. If you think you’ve seen the Falls from every angle, think again. As part of the Niagara Parks Power Station, you can tour the century old structure and step out at the waters edge. The views are pretty spectacular to say the least!

7 Gates Screampark / Photo courtesy of 7 Gates Screampark

8. 7 Gates Screampark

6929 Williams Rd Niagara Falls NY 14304 / More Info

If you’re already counting down to Halloween, then you’ll want to get ready to book your visit to the 7 Gates Screampark. This thrilling attraction offers 3 haunted houses, hatchet throwing, escape rooms, games, and more! 7 Gates Screampark is set to open on September 23 and run every weekend through the beginning of November.

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