8 Most Complex Worlds Of New VR Games

There are more and more magical VR games with visually breathtaking and detailed worlds in which players can experience new and exciting adventures. VR creators are surprising fans with new additions, and it’s getting easier for gamers to find free virtual reality games that have similarly brilliant and complex worlds as some of the paid games.

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However, VR games are not only immersive thanks to the great graphics but often have creative and meaningful stories and well-crafted characters that all make the gaming experience even more enjoyable and memorable. Players can explore atmospheric simulations, spooky, fun, and casual games, and thrilling VR Battle Royale games too depending on what kind of adventure they want to go on.


8 Lost Ember – VR Edition

Lost Ember – VR Edition is an indie adventure game in which players can explore a magical fantasy open-world. It’s a remarkable and often emotional animal exploration game without bloody fights and gore. Players can freely explore its breathtaking fantasy world while finding collectibles and learning more about the beautiful lost Yanrana culture.

Lost Ember – VR Edition is perfect for casual and experienced gamers too. Since it’s not a very challenging game, it’s still worth playing thanks to its fantastic graphics, stunning world-building, and an immersive story that pulls players deeper into this magical land. Players will be able to control various creatures while going on this epic journey guided by a lost spirit.

7 Green Hell V

Green Hell V is an immersive survival game that’ll take its players deep into the heart of the beautiful and deadly Amazon rainforest. Players will have to make their own tools and weapons, and find a way out to survive in this stunning open-world game. One of the most fun things about this game is that players will have to learn actual real-life survival techniques to stay alive and fight deadly creatures.

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Green Hell V is one of the most challenging survival games, but it has a fascinating and beautiful world and beginner players can learn a little about the best base locations and other useful tips to make their gaming experience easier and more enjoyable. While it can be a bit difficult for casual gamers or beginners, it’s still worth the effort since this game is just as entertaining as it is challenging.

6 The Twilight Zone VR

The Twilight Zone VR is an immersive sci-fi adventure shooter game with creative puzzles and will take its players on three mind-banding and spooky adventures. This narrative-driven spooky game has great horror elements that provide jump scares and a twisty story with deep psychological elements that stay true to the original style and tone of the award-winning Twilight Zone series.

Players will be able to explore three distinct but equally detailed universes that share the same while solving mysteries, imaginative puzzles, and shooting down dangerous creatures. While this game is not just for Twilight Zone fans, the hidden details in it will surely be more appreciated by true fans. The game has its challenging parts, but it never gets too difficult which makes it a perfect choice for casual and more experienced gamers alike.

5 Wandering In Space

Wandering In Space is one of the most fun early access VR games that takes place in a dystopian future in 2598. In this post-apocalyptic world, there is a Doomsday Virus that either kills or mutates all who get infected. The remaining healthy humans try to build enough spaceships and colonial satellites in Earth’s orbit to stay safe and alive. Thanks to this spooky first-person shooter game players can explore a darkly atmospheric sealed space base.

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Wandering In Space is one of the best new sci-fi games with great world-building and a fun story that will keep players entertained throughout the whole game. Players will control a character who is an amnesiac Federation soldier who has to survive while defeating various powerful enemies, collecting resources, and solving the mystery behind the deadly virus.

4 Shores of Loci

Shores of Loci is a cinematic casual adventure game with imaginative and fun 3D jigsaw puzzles set in a magical fantasy land. This beautiful narrative puzzle game transports its players into a fantastical land with giants and villagers.

Players will have to embark on a feel-good journey and explore a magical land. Gamers will have to assemble the game’s creative puzzles and transform these gorgeous yet surreal places into a better home for all. It’s a perfect choice for casual and avid gamers alike who’re looking for a chill immersive VR game with a complex and breathtaking world.

3 Kayak VR: Mirage

Kayak VR: Mirage is a casual simulation game that’s also perfect for those who love great racing games with breathtaking visuals. This stunning game takes its players on an epic kayaking adventure and provides one of the most realistic VR experiences. Players can enjoy scenic scenery, and get through dangerous rainstorms, but they can also just enjoy the game’s chill and relaxing environment.

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While Kayak VR: Mirage Is not as physically challenging as real-world kayaking this gorgeous and thrilling game still gives its players a significantly good workout. It’s a great game for casual and experienced gamers alike who love to explore realistically looking yet unique locations while also getting a bit of workout done.

2 Zenith: The Last City

Zenith: The Last City is one of the most popular new Massively multiplayer online VR games that’s a good choice for any player who enjoys creative MMO games. This beautiful early-access open-world VR RPG lets its players customize their own characters and explore its colorful and adventure-filled world freely. Players can fight powerful bosses, explore dungeons, build strong friendships and forge useful alliances in this infinite universe.

Zenith: The Last City is a perfect choice not only for gamers but for anime fans too since the creators were inspired by various anime shows including Sword Art Online. While this game can be challenging for beginners, players can take their time to explore and learn more about how everything works in this futuristic fantasy land before getting into bigger fights.


RUINSMAGUS is an RPG adventure game with beautiful anime-style art. It’s one of the best VR games for Magic and Wizardry lovers who love dungeon crawling and magic-based combat shooters. Players will get to explore an atmospheric world while improving their magical abilities.

RUINSMAGUS‘s story-rich world is brilliantly immersive in which players will have to step into the shoes of a beginner researcher who has to investigate the abandoned ruins below the glorious world of Grand Amnis. Players will have to solve the mystery while uncovering dark secrets to save the town from a terrible future. Since this game can be challenging for beginners, it’s good to set the difficulty to an easier level, this way keeping the playtime enjoyable.

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