67 Designs That Are So Bad, They Deserve To Be Shamed On The Internet

Being ‘born’ with bad taste, growing up aesthetically challenged creates a lot of problems: you think you’re doing fine, but you’re actually creating super crappy designs that end up scaring half the internet. Grab the holy water and repeat Dieter Rams’ 10 Principles for Good Design, Pandas, because we’re about to cross the Rubicon into the Wastelands of Crappy Design.

We’re featuring the most awful posts from these three design-oriented subreddits over here, here, and here, to prove to you that just because you can make something doesn’t necessarily mean that you should. Creativity, editing, feedback, having an understanding of how function vs. form works—these are all needed to satisfy your customer. And it’s exactly what you won’t find in this list.

From horrible signs and furniture to funky yet confusing products, we’ve got a bit of everything for everyone. This is the perfect chance to prove that you’ve got great taste, so remember to upvote the pics you hate the most. And tell us in the comments which of these horrendous designs you wouldn’t come near even with a ten-foot pole.

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