40 Times Beggars Tried To Be Choosers So The Internet Called Them Out (New Pics)

One of the most common issues brought up on the Choosing Beggars subreddit is the fact that people feel entitled to free art. To address this topic, we reached out to artists Carrie Brummer and Jill Arwen Posadas to hear what it’s really like to deal with these “choosy beggars”. First, we asked both artists how often they are reached out to about working for free. “On average I would say 2-3 times per year I receive serious requests to either give away my art or do art teaching for free,” Carrie told Bored Panda.

“I haven’t been asked lately, but I think being asked once is once too often,” Jill replied. “I used to get asked a fair bit when I was just starting out. Back when I was younger I thought it was worth it ‘for the exposure’ and the ‘experience points’ if I got a good look at who was asking and what ‘actual exposure’ and experience I would be getting. But these days it would take far more than just ‘exposure’ (like maybe if it was for charity?) for me to do it.”

On second thought, though, Jill remembered that she had been reached out to more recently. “I had been asked when the pandemic was in the thick of things for free art a fair bit. It was for the pandemic, so you’d have to be pretty hardhearted, they must’ve thought, if you’d said no. But hey, we had to eat during the pandemic, too.” Jill admitted that she did create the free art a couple of times, but said she would be lying if she said she had no hard feelings about it.

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