$200 million worth Kevin Durant channels inner LeBron James by insulting NBA troll’s ‘sh*tty car and internet’ – The SportsRush

Kevin Durant gets into it with a troll on Twitter by unironically asking him if he enjoys his sh*tty car along with having no internet.

Kevin Durant became public enemy no. 1 when he decided that his next chapter in the NBA would be with the team that he blew a 3-1 lead to in that year’s Western Conference Finals. Joining forces with Stephen Curry and company over in Golden State got ‘The Slim Reaper’ two Finals MVPs however so it was quite the successful 3 year stint there.

However, now with it being public knowledge that he wants out of Brooklyn, fans are truly drilling into the ‘KD runs from the grind’ narrative. It’s no secret that the Brooklyn Nets have had quite a bit of turmoil within their ranks this past year with the James Harden trade and Kyrie Irving’s vaccination status.

Fans have begun to point out that Kevin Durant is once again, looking for a better fit elsewhere instead of settingtling in one city and trying to build something there. With him being as active as he is on Twitter, he continually has to deal with internet trolls who run through this same narrative on a daily basis.

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Kevin Durant fires back at a troll on Twitter.

Despite being worth $200 million, Kevin Durant finds himself going back and forth with the ‘everyday average Joe’ more often than not on social media. Twitter has become his favorite social media app and he seems to never want to stop responding to NBA fans who try to take digs at him.

One particular Twitter user with the handle ‘michaelpatron0’ tweeted out saying, “Car wouldn’t start this morning, get to work late and our internet is down. Lol. Unlike KD, I actually enjoy taking the hardest road. It’s basically just problem solving practice.”

Why he brought Kevin Durant into this less than average morning of his is unknown but the former Seattle Supersonic responded in less than 20 minutes by saying, “You enjoy having a sh*tty car and getting to work and not being able to connect to the internet?”

This exchange is very reminiscent of when LeBron James, while on the Miami Heat, essentially called every single one of his trolls ‘broke’, telling them that they had to go back to living their mediocre loves regardless of how many insults they spew at him .

The original tweeter, ‘michaelpatron0’ has since been responding to fans all morning long, explaining to them that he was simply making a joke on how KD claims to take the hardest road but doesn’t.

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